Touring the South West

Wiltshire is only a stone’s throw away from Bristol, so whilst you’re exploring the countryside, you may as well see what the city has to offer too. Whilst there is so much to do in Bristol, including admiring street art, clubbing or swimming, you will always have a fun day out. More information.

Indulge your senses with a walking tripWiltshire holidays

Whilst in the South West, we hope you will have time to relax, discover, inspire, listen and admire ancient landscapes.

Your walking trip with creature comforts will indulge your senses in the flavours of rural South West England. These walking trips reveal the scenic countryside of Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset and The Cotswolds whilst you relax in a small, hand-picked campervan. Click here.

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Climb high and see the city

Bristol is home to many, many hills and even though this may seem tiring, it offers many advantages, such as viewing the entire city in one sitting. Once you get to the top of Brandon Hill Park behind Park Street you can climb the stairs and reach the top of Cabot Tower. Read more.

The views are scenic and it is definitely worth taking your camera with you to capture those stunning views.

Campervan hireHire a campervan and view the sights

Hiring a campervan is Bristol gives you endless possibilities. Facilities include heating, bedding, seating, pet access and air con, so you can travel whilst being entirely comfortable. Prices for Bristol start from £26 and have a minimum of a three day booking. Contact us.

You can rent campervans from a series of locations throughout the country. Your dreams of travelling are now real as it is easier than ever before. Pickup locations include West Midlands (2 hours from Bristol), London (1hr45) and North West England (Liverpool etc).  Find out more.

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